Men's red bow tie, blue blazer & black skinny jeans : Street Style

A bow tie can transform a boring outfit and give it a wow factor. I like the way Ese has paired his red bow tie with a blue blazer and black skinny jeans.

Wearing bow tie is no longer a fashion faux pas and you cannot be associated with nerds, comics, university professors, magicians, scientists, lawyers, and politicians.

 A few have been spotted pulling off the bow tie trend, celebs such as Swizz Beatz, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake and Andre 3000 are all know for wearing bow ties and guess what they don’t look like circus ringmasters.

A bow tie adds a dash of English gent and gives your look a touch of elegance. And good news is that a bow tie can be dressed up or down and is a must have men accessory. One can wear a bow tie in a fun way without going overboard. Bow ties come in different motifs, colours, and fabric.

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Bow ties can be found in most high street shops, charity shops, and vintage stores. You also need to know that a bow tie should be worn with French collars and not with Italian or English collars.

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Here are ways of wearing a bow tie without looking ridiculous. A bow tie can be paired with a shirt, blazer and a pair of jeans just like the way Ese has worn his. You can also pair a bow tie with a V shape sweater or cardigan.

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 You can also pair a bow tie with a hat for an edgy look. A bow tie can also be worn on a tuxedo to achieve a James Bond look. You can also pair a bow tie with a waist coat, leather jacket or with suspenders. A bow tie can also be worn with just a shirt (i.e. a plain or plaid shirt)

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P/S: Good news is that ladies can also borrow the bow tie trend from the boys and pair it with a sleek shirt and jeans/pants for a chic look.

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Such a lovely look ^_^

Many kisses,


this guy is a great dresser, he knows how to match colours and he has style. lovely shoes, blazer and tie. his hair is pretty amazing. cool black dude


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