Men's Velvet Blazer, straight jeans, white shirt, black tie & embroidered velvet slippers : Street Style

The velvet blazer is this season’s biggest trend for men as the 1920s trends are taking menswear by storm. With the release of the Great Gatsby movie later on this week, the Gatsby trend has made quite an impact in the fashion world.

Many celebrities have been adopting the 1920s fashion trend & the velvet blazer has become the must have item of the moment as it introduces colour to formal wear. The velvet blazer can be dressed up or down for a formal or informal event. 

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I like the way Stephen has paired his chocolate brown velvet blazer with a dark colour tie, crispy white shirt, jeans and embroidered velvet slippers for a very stylish look.

Velvet makes a man stand out from the crowd by offering a classic and stylish look. Velvet blazers can be worn with different material trousers, jeans or with velvet trousers. The velvet blazer is so versatile and is no longer seen as evening attires as it can be worn in so many ways depending on a personal preference.

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Ways to wear the velvet blazer

Velvet blazer can be dressed up by pairing it with a white shirt, bow tie or neck tie, brogues and tailored pants and personal accessories to give your own edge to the overall look. For a party look one can wear (burgundy or dark blue) velvet blazer with a turtle neck, loafers, tailored trousers and loafers for a ready to hit the town look.

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For a dressed down look pair your velvet blazer with a t-shirt, fitting pair of denim jeans to create a slim line silhouette and converse for a casual look just like the way Stephen has worn his blazer. For an off duty look wear a velvet blazer with chinos, chambray shirt, boots and personal accessories such as watch, bracelets, belts etc. For an office wear layer a velvet blazer with a shirt, V-neck knitwear, slim fit tailored trousers and black shoes.

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