Mesh detail 'kitenge' dress with black heels: wedding guest outfit: Street style

Sass up your style with this stunning mesh panel midi length ‘kitenge’ dress. Mesh details pieces have taken the fashion world by storm.  This trend has been seen worn by celebrities on red carpets & the streets.

Julie of Raining Cake looked stunning in this show stopping mesh detail ‘ankara’ dress which she wore with a pair of black suede pumps & chunky ring. The dress features a plunging neckline with mesh details, ‘ankara’ front panel & sleeves. The semi fitted body creates a silhouette, making it ideal for the party season.

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Whatever your favourite asset is show it in a mesh detail dress but do it in a modesty way without looking tacky. If your waist is your best asset, opt for mesh details just above the hips and if it’s your abs or shoulders opt for mesh detail dress that will display your midriff or shoulders. We recommend the mesh details to be on the waist, abs, legs, neck and shoulders. 

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Inner wear matters alot when it comes to mesh dresses and whatever you do don’t go commando on us. We recommend you wear backless bra if the mesh is on the back or a bra with clear front panel or self-adhesive no-strap bra if the mesh is in front. But if you have small boobs you can decide to go bra-less with nipple daisies or use bra tape. See here on what bra you should wear with this ankara mesh dress

Team this dress with a small necklace, colourful clutch, berry lipstick and strappy heels for an off duty model edge look.

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Let us know if you’re a fan of mesh detail dresses and how would you style them.

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Design credit: Eldimaa Fashion  

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