Red Necktie, suspenders, white shirt & black trousers: Men’s smart-casual outfit

Smart casual outfit is a great way of not looking too overdresses or underdressed however it’s best to look overdressed than underdressed. The bottom line of smart casual is leaning towards the smarter side in a relaxed & comfortable manner.

Eze looks savvy in a white plain shirt which he teamed with black smart trousers, suspenders, black shoes and a red necktie. The basketball adds an element of a dressed down feel to his outfit.

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Ties: Always opt for nice quality ties and this doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Avoid wearing too smooth or shiny ties as they tend to look cheap but opt for textured & matte finished which are easy to wear and complement your outfit. If you’re a skinny person always wear a skinny tie and a standard tie if you’re stout individual. However if you’re wearing a suit with a tie your tie width should be close to the width of your suit lapel.

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Plain white shirts: Plain white shirts are every man’s wardrobe essentials. They’re easy to wear and versatile. White shirts can be teamed with almost any tie but we suggest wearing it with a pattern, textured or colorful ties to add character & edginess to your look. 

Suspenders/Braces: Suspenders are perfect for not only keeping your trousers up but also adding character to a look. Clip on suspenders/braces give a punk rock vibe to a look while the button on gives preppy vibe. If you’re new to wearing braces/suspenders we suggest trying them in neutral colour so that they don’t clash with the rest of your outfit. Just incase you decide to wear coloured suspenders make sure you keep the rest of your outfit monochromatic. Braces can be paired with jeans, smart pants, shorts or chinos.

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