Red vertical pinstripe Lanvin suit: Men’s style

Striped suits have made their mark in men’s wardrobe. Pinstripe suits are perfect for the boardroom as well as casual events and nowadays they come in different colours.

This red vertical pinstripe suit will look great with a white or red/burgundy shirt for a polished look. Brown or black shoes will also go well with red pinstripe suits.

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Harry Styles stepped attended the British Fashion Awards at London Coliseum in a red vertical striped suit from Lanvin Fall Winter 2014 collection. He completed his look with a black buttoned up black shirt and a pair of black Saint Laurent leather harness boots for a stylish look. The suit is a bit on your face but Harry has done a good job pulling it off.

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Share your thoughts with us on how you would style a red vertical striped Lanvin suit

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