A sofa that looks like a giant chocolate bar

Designer Iris Koser has created a giant sofa that looks like a chocolate bar. The leather sofa comes with a secret hiding places for snacks. The sofa looks like a half ripped wrapper and the memory foam cushions appear to melt at the touch. It also comes with a detachable table.

Iris Koser said 'I wanted to design a very emotional piece of furniture that appeals to as many senses as possible. Chocolate was the most sensual inspiration I could find. 'There is just something about chocolate, it is a kind of sweet temptation that appeals to all the senses. 'And it is perfect for women - it has no calories! 'But I couldn't help putting in secret drawers for chocolate bars. We all need that, don't we?' She carries on saying 'I love any kind of chocolate. My favourite is milk chocolate but I also love bitter sweet, or flavoured ones - maybe ginger or chilli, or dried roses. 'Maybe because it makes you happy; maybe because it is so delicious. 'But everyone has their own favourite. I make it into particular brands, play with the form of the cushions, and stamp specific brands in the leather, like on a real bar of chocolate.'

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