South African - Zulu traditional dressing for women and men: Zulu hat, necklace, white tank top, beaded skirt, beaded necklace & converse: Men’s colourful dress over jeans & trainers

South African just like any other African country have different tribes with different lifestyle, clothing and culture.

Zulus are known for their bright and colourful dressing & beadings. 

South African women’s traditional clothes are normally characterized with ochre-coloured blankets, shawls, bracelets, beads, hats,  skirt with a beaded apron, beaded bodice, jewelry on the neck, arm & legs, 


South African men’s traditional clothes are characterized by animal skins or loincloths, beaded necklace, bright coloured blankets or cloaks.

They lady looks stylish in this white tank top which she paired with a black beaded skirt, colourful beaded necklace, hat, bracelets & white converse trainers for a cute traditional outfit. While the guy looks on point in this beige and colourful dress which he wore over the jeans with bracelets, bead necklace on his head and white trainers.

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Do let us know your thoughts on these traditional attires.

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