Street Style Men Trend: Combining Colours: Men's denim jacket, brown shirt, coloured trousers & rugged boots

Colours give you a feel good factor and nowadays the high streets are full of colourful men clothes.

I like the way Steven has paired similar colours together by wearing burgundy pants with a brown shirt, denim jacket, a vest jacket and boots  without overpowering the look, but keeping it cool and trendy.

Men tend to shy away from colours, but fear no more as Fashion Cadet is here to guide you on how to wear colours correctly without looking like a Christmas tree.

I will show you how to different colour combinations go well together using colour wheel. Colour wheels simply means an organization of colour hues around a circle showing relationship between colours.

 burgundy pants with a brown shirt, denim jacket, a vest jacket and boots

In this colour wheel red, yellow and blue are primary colours while orange, green and violet are secondary colours. Yellow-orange, red-orange, blue-green, yellow-green, red-violet and blue-violet, are intermediate colors.

chinos, pink chinos, men's style, men trend, denim jacket, brown shirt

  • You can make these combinations by wearing similar colours which are directly/next to each other or match the colours with other like colours such as blue and blue- violet; blue and blue-green, red and red-orange; red and violet-red. Here is an example on how you can pair similar colours together, pair a turquoise trouser with a blue shirt.
  • Team up colours that are directly opposite/across each in the colour wheel such as Blue and Orange, green and red, violet and yellow. Here is an example of wearing complementary colours such as wearing blue jeans and orange t-shirt and loafers.
  • By wearing colours that are have three colours between them (150 degrees from each other) in the wheel of colour such as red and blue, yellow and red. To pull off the contrasting colour look pair red trousers with a white basic t-shirt and a dark blue blazer.

 burgundy pants with a brown shirt, denim jacket, a vest jacket, boots

Colours of the same colour family can also be incorporated in your wardrobe; you can substitute red with pink and still pull off the look based on the colour wheel. Brown is also a neutral colour that can be paired with almost everything. The colour wheel is an essential wardrobe tool and can be used by both male and female. Incorporate the colour wheel into your daily dressing and let me know how it goes!

denim jacket, men's vest jacket, jacket, chinos, coloured chinos, coloured pants

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I adore this color combination and I really think it would look perfect in an autumn decor.

Love the layers!


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