Street Style: Men's Pea Coat, blue striped shirt, scarf & jeans

Pea coats are also known as pilot jackets were originally worn by sailors and are characterised by double breasted fronts, broad lapels and wooden/metal buttons. Pea coats are great worn during the cold season to keep the cold at bay. 

Our entire outfits get covered with coats/jackets during the cold season, that’s why pea coats still remain men’s favourite choice for decades. Pea coats are versatile and they have a niche appeal to them. 

I love the way he has paired his pea coat with a blue striped shirt, scarf, jeans and trainers for an effortless look.

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Pea coat should be worn as an outer layer and other accessories worn with it such as scarves should be tucked in for a clean sleek look. Pea coat are easy to wear they can be paired with almost everything

When choosing a pea coat make sure it hit the bottom of your hips and the buttons should be space evenly for a figure defining shape. Avoiding wearing an oversize pea coat otherwise you will end up looking like a whale.

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Here are a few ways to wear a pea coat in your everyday look. Pair the pea jacket with a turtle neck, pleated trousers and boots for a tie-free dinner date look. For a back to work look pair the pea jacket with a shirt, tie and trousers for an office wear. If you’re bold swap the traditional navy blue/grey pea coat for a colourful one and pair it with a bold colour shirt, straight leg chinos and a beanie hat for statement style look. 

Men's Pea Coat, blue striped shirt, scarf & jeans

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