Street Style: Men's striped Knitwear & Ripped jeans

Men tend to freak out at the thought of wearing knitwear but that should not be the case, as knitwear are perfect for not so cold seasons like Spring/autumn and can also be worn in warm weather.

Men can now wear knitwear and manage to look cool in them thanks to the clever designers who have transformed the world of knitwear by incorporating patterns, geometric shapes, shawl collars, patch pockets and zips making them fun and classy.

I love the way he has paired his knitwear with jeans and trainers for a simple clean look.

Knitwear's are very diversity and suit all tastes and lifestyle. Knitwear come in form of fine V-neck which looks great when paired with a suit, cable knit hoodies, chunky knits, jumpers and fine knits. Knitwear can be layered or worn on their own and can be paired with shirts/patterned shirts, t-shirts, tailored shorts/trousers/jeans and loafers/moccasin/trainers. When choosing a knitwear stay clear from knitwear that are too small or look baggy.

Here are a few tips on how to wear your knitwear without looking like a grandpa. During summer layer a lightweight knitwear with light summer clothes like t-shirts/shirts. You can also pair traditional sailing garments like navy blue/striped lightweight knitwear with a pair of shorts and sneaker/trainers for a relaxed look. 

Chunky knits are perfect for autumn/winter and can be worn over a long coat/blazer. Chunky knits can also be worn as smart/office and casual wear. You can pair a chunky knit with a shirt & tie or with just a t-shirt and pants/jeans.

Get a shawl collar cardigan herehere here

Cardigans are also versatile and can be worn casually and elegantly. Cardigans look great when paired with a shirt or tee-shirt. Layering the cardigan is another way of injecting your personality to your look. Pair a cardigan with a blazer, jeans/normal pants, shoes and a shirt for a sharp streamlined look. Wear a t-shirt and layer it with unbuttoned shirt and a cardigan for a casual effect. For a summer looks pair a cardigan with a tee-shirt and shorts/pants.

V neck knitwear is easy to wear and can go with almost everything. Pair a V neck jumper with a shirt, bow tie and jeans/pants for an effortless look. You can also incorporate V neck with a suit and a tie for a formal or an office wear. Pair a pastel V neck jumper with a pair of shorts and a printed shirt. You can also play with layers when it comes to V neck knitwear.

Pair a hooded knitwear jumper with suit pants/jeans, belt and loafers for a cosy casual look. This look can be worn in Autumn/Spring times. And if you’re not a fan of knitwear why don’t you start by wearing knit scarf until you get used to the whole knitwear trend.

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Great look: Love the details and color combination! classic and hot!
Kisses from Miami,

love how it's styled!

I tried to convince some guys to knit wear but I failed. They just won´t listen. Look at him he looks so rad and stylish. Wish more men were like that :-)

xx Mira

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