Striped side split maxi skirt with fuschia pink blazer: Work style

Work wear don’t have to be boring. Gone are the days where women wore suits to work as you can now dress up stylishly while maintaining a coperative appeal.

Spice up your work style with a striped side split skirt this season. Striped side split skirts are bang on trend all year round and are perfect excuse to show off your pins. These skirts can easily be dressed up for evening with a pair of crop top & killer heels or styled for lazy weekend days by pairing with a pair of flat sandals, tank top & statement necklace.


Sarah looks effortlessly savvy in a striped side splits skirt which she teamed with a fuschia pink blazer, a black bodysuit underneath it, white heels with black toe caps and a black handbag.

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How to style a side slit striped maxi skirt

Pair a striped side slit maxi skirt with a matching blouse & a pair of heels for a dinner date. For a beach look wear side split skirt with a crop to, cross bag, long necklace and slippers. For an office look pair a side split skirt with a camisole, blazer, heels & tote bag.


Share your thoughts on how you would style a side split skirt.

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