Styling white on white: Long blue blazer, white jeans, white top, red stiletto heels & handbag: Street Style

White on white trend is stylish and can be worn all year round. Wearing white on white can be a bit tricky although it can look elegant when worn right. Whites can be worn as a single piece as well as the entire outfit.  

White on whites tend to give you a clean streamlined look and whatever you do stay away from spaghetti Bolognese or tomato soup… you’ll thank us for this later.

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Debby looks effortlessly chic in a white top which she paired with a white pair of jeans, long blue blazer and accessorised her look with a pair of red stiletto heels with a matching bag for a dash on colour to her white on white look.

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Ways to style white on white.

Whites can be teamed up with shades of metallic for a chic rock look or animal prints. You can also wear white on white head to toe or break off the monotone by pairing it with black or coloured pieces.  

 ways-of-wearing-white-on-white-trend, Styling white on white: Long blue blazer, white jeans, white top, red stiletto heels & handbag

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