Tan tassel loafers with a white shirt, navy blue skinny tie & smart pants: Men’s footwear

Tan tassel loafers are the perfect smart casual footwear to take you from day to night. Loafers are unarguably preppy, timeless and classic. Loafers have become increasingly popular over the past years with many fashionable men. The key to wearing tan tassel loafers is to let the shoes become the focal point of your ensemble.

Loafers have become a statement shoe that will never go out of fashion. The choice between leather or suede loafers determines what kinds of outfit are most suitable. Suede loafers are great for casual summer outfits while leather loafers suit formal structured looks. Brown or tan coloured loafers are great for versatility & black for formal look. Loafers can be worn with or without socks depending on what sort of look you want to achieve.

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Olu looks slick in crisp white long-sleeved shirt which he wore with a navy blue tie, navy blue trousers and tan tassel loafers for a clean classic look. The tan loafers add a pop of colour & contrast to this look letting his feet does all the talking.

Wear them with a suit for a smart, classic look or wear them with your jeans or chinos to give them a more relaxed, casual look. Either way they will complement your style.  Always wear hues of black and brown if you want to wear loafers with a suit.

How to wear tassel loafers: Wear tan tassel loafers with a V-neck t-shirt, sweater/cardigan and jeans chinos for an everyday casual look. Smarten up your look by pairing tassel loafers with a shirt, blazer & jeans for a simple & clean look. Pair a polo shirt with tailored shorts and tassel loafers with no shoes for a summer look.

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Get this look: tan tassel loafers, navy blue trousers, navy blue tie, white long sleeve shirt

Let us know in the comment section below if you’re a fan of tassel loafers and you’re going to add them into your collection. 

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