Tips on how to grow natural hair faster & longer

Below are a few tips on how you can grow your hair faster & longer in a healthy way. 

  • Always keep your hair moisturized 
  • Use conditioner to wash your hair and if you have to use shampoo make sure you use it once every two months as shampoo tends to strip all the oil from the hair making your hair brittle.
  • Massage your scalp frequently to aid blood circulation.
  • Wash your hair in section to prevent tangling
  • Have a hair regime 
  • Deep condition your hair weekly
  • Avoid applying unnecessary heat to your hair 
  • Trim the damaged tips
  • Love and accept your hair texture
  • Wear satin/silk scarf to bed
  • Detangle your hair before combing and avoid unnecessary stress and stretching of your hair
  • Eat a balanced diet & drink plenty of water

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Share with us the tips you use to grow your hair longer 

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