V-neck dashiki dress with sandals, bangles, brown Zara tote bag & large sunglasses

Dashiki is such a vibrant and versatile fabric that can be worn by men as shirts and women as shirts, dresses or skirts.

Dashiki dresses are timeless, stylish and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasions or designs.

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Olivia looks effortlessly chic in this dashiki dress which features a V-neck and midi length hemline. She accessorised her look with a pair of large sunglasses, bangles, brown sandals and a brown leather tote bag for a stylish boho look.

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How to style a Dashiki dress

Wear a shift dashiki dress with a pair of black strappy heels, clutch bag and a statement necklace for a casual look. For an office wear pair a fitted dashiki dress with a pair of court heels, simple necklace and a shopper handbag to complete the look. For a fun weekend outfit wear a kaftan dashiki mini dress with converse trainers and a cross handbag.

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Do let us know how you would style a dashiki dress.

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