What to wear: while walking your dog

Taking you dog for a walk is beneficial for both the dog and its owner. What to wear when taking your dog for a walk can be a little bit tricky, but you may as well look good as people are going to see you.

All you need to do to look stylish while you’re walking your dog are a few wardrobe staples that you already have such as skinny jeans, tops, sweaters, sandals/flat shoes, skirts and jackets.

Our inspirational celebrity is Jessica Biel who has been spotted in numerous occasions looking stylish while walking her dogs. 

Look 1: Monochrome look

Jessica Alba looked stylishly rugged up in black skinny jeans, a grey hooded sweater underneath a black wool trench coat and yellow and black Nike trainers

Look 2: Striped skirt

She paired a loose grey and white striped Lira sweat shirt from AllSaints with tight knee length Colby vest dress from AllSaint, black leather jacket, dark sunglasses and Nike trainer wedges for a sporty and girly look

Look 3: Sporty outfit

Pedal pusher leggings with a simple grey jumper, sunglasses, Nike trainer wedges and a baseball hat for a sporty look.

Look 4: All black

Jessica paired her black cropped pants with black top, flat shoes, cross bag and navy blue coat.

Look 5: Beige parka

Biel paired her stylish beige parka with black skinny jeans, white-t-shirt, sunglasses and black flat shoes.

Look 6: Neutrals

Jessica wore a loose white top layered under a knit sweater that lay open. A pair of drop crotch trousers of a similar shade offered a breezy option for the walk. Understated ballet flats added to the cream-coloured outfit, and she tucked a pair of sunglasses into the neck of her blouse as an accessory.

Look 7: Baseball cap

Jessica paired her tight black workout pants with a grey hoodie sweat shirt, a baseball cap with black and purple trainers.

Look 8: Maxi skirt & Denim jacket

The actress wore a denim jacket over a grey maxi dress with sandals, sunglasses and a yellow cross bag.

Linen trousers

Jessica Biel looked stylish in white linen trouser, grey cardigan, white sandals and a white sleeveless slouch top for a dressed down look while walking her dogs

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