Women’s purple embroidered V-neck kaftan shirt with black skinny jeans & wedges: street style

Hit the right fashion notes this season with an embroidered V-neck kaftan shirt. Kaftan shirts are timeless, stylish and versatile.  This feminine embroidery gives this kaftan a beautifully understated finishing touch.

Kaftans shirts can be worn to the beach as well as to casual or social events. They look great when teamed with shorts, skirts, jeans or leggings.

Toyosi looks effortless in this purple embroidered V-neck kaftan shirt which she paired with black skinny jeans, and black wedges for a stylish look.

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How to style an embroidered V-neck kaftan shirt:

For a chic winter looks pair a kaftan shirt with leggings or jeans, biker jacket and a pair of boots for a biker chic look. And when the sun is out why not pair your kaftan shirt with a pair of denim shorts, sandals and a cross bag for a summer look. For a social or dinner date look wear a kaftan shirt with pair of high waisted jeans, boxy clutch and strappy heels.

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Share your thoughts on women’s v-neck kaftan shirts and how you would style them.

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