Yellow & maroon ankara/Chitenge/kitenge Ruffled sleeves skater dress with a necklace, red heels, head scarf & multi coloured handbag: Kitenge styles

‘Ankara’/’kitenge’/’chitenge’ skater dresses are flattering & easy to wear. This kitenge skater dress is super sophisticated and makes a fabulous work or play outfit. It offers comfort and a casual look while the fitted bodice and flared skirt provide a flattering fit, creating a fabulous silhouette.

Kitenge skater dresses are fast becoming every woman’s favourite style; it’s versatile & a must have season after season trend. Ankara skater dresses promise to see you through any event in absolute style & suit every size and shape.

Modeline looks fabulous in this kitenge skater dress that features yellow & maroon & ruffled sleeves. She teamed up her ‘kitenge’ dress with red shoes, white turban/headscarf, sunglasses, statement necklace & a colour block clutch bag for a chic look.

Ankara skater dresses can be dressed up or down depending on the occasional. Go glam by styling your ‘kitenge’ skater dress with heels or casual chic by styling it with sandals/ballet/converse or slippers.

Photo credit & design: Modeline

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