Zebra print Storage Box Stool DIY

A storage box stool is a perfect place to store away those bits and pieces or toys that you don't want them to be seen. This storage box can also act as a seat/stool in the living room.

Lately we have been trying to revamp our living room even though we still have a lot of work to do. We are trying to achieve a minimalist monochrome theme in the living room.

We bought this storage box from a second hand furniture but we didn't like how it looked. Here is a step by step guide on how to revamp a storage box stool.

What you need: old storage box, fabric (in our case we used a zebra print), screw driver, glue gun (you can use a staple gun if you have it).

Remove the screws from the  storage box using a screw driver to make it easier for you to staple or glue the fabric.

Start to glue /staple the fabric you want to use all around the box and the cover.

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Once the fabric is in place  use a screw driver to screw back the screws and your storage box stool is ready.

  Zebra-print-Storage-Box-Stool-DIY, minimalist monochrome theme living room, Sturdy Storage Box Stool, second hand furniture, glue gun, staple gun

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