Bantu knots natural hairstyle

When Rihanna stepped out in bantu knots at the iHeart music awards we knew this hairstyle is no longer a faux pas.

The singer completed her look with a sheer gothic lace maxi dress, necklaces, hoop earrings and green lipstick for the event.

Bantu knots are easy to make and a great way of achieving curly hairstyle.

In order to pull off bantu knots wear them with large hoop earrings or statement earrings to bring out your facial features.

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Below is how to create bantu knots

Prepare the hair as you would normally do when styling your hair. 

Part the hair into desirable sections (small sections for tight curls and large sections for loose curls). 

Twist/twill the sectioned hair to make long spiral then wrap it around itself to make a short spring-like coil against your scalp. 

Ensure the end of the section/coil is close to your head (under the coil) in order to hold the knot in place more securely. You can also use a bobby pin or elastic band to secure the curled hair.

You can also do a bantu knot out for a desirable hairstyle of your choice.

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I have seen this kind of design for the first time.This is unique indeed. It gives you the perfectly punk look. I’ll definitely give these a try.

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