6 Tips on How to Shine Bright in Sparkles and Glitter this Holiday Season

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Wearing sparkle and glitter during the holiday season is a fun and festive way to embrace the festive spirit. Here are some tips for wearing sparkle and glitters:

Start small: If you’re not comfortable wearing flashy attire, incorporate glitter into your accessories. Opt for a shimmery clutch, sequined shoes, or glittery statement jewelry— these can instantly elevate any holiday outfit.

Choose one statement piece: When it comes to wearing sparkles and glitters, it’s ideal to stick to one item as your statement piece. This might be a sequined gown, a sparkly top, or even a glitzy skirt. By choosing just one piece, you ensure that your overall look is balanced.

Play with colours: When wearing sparkles and glitters, try out different colours. For a dramatic metallic effect, choose gold or silver, or try pastel sparkles for a more delicate and feminine touch.

Dress them up or down: Sparkles and glitters can be worn for formal and informal occasion. Wear them with jeans and a jacket for a daytime function, or go all out for an evening event with a sequined dress and shoes.

Mix and match sparkles with neutrals: To keep your outfit from looking too busy, wear sparkly items with neutral or monochromatic pieces. Pair a sequined blouse with black trousers or a white skirt. This allows the sparkle to take centre stage while remaining unobtrusive to the overall effect.

Confidence is the key to pull it off: Let your personality shine through your outfit so have fun with it.

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