Tips on how to lock in/seal in moisture in natural hair

How to lock in moisture in natural hair

Lock in moisture

Locking in or sealing in moisture is a process of applying hair product to creates a barrier on the hair shaft to prevent moisture from escaping. By doing this you retain the hair moisture for a longer period of time. Sealing in moisture is often done after washing or conditioning the hair while it is still damp, so as to help the products to penetrate and absorb into the strands to keep the hair hydrated and preventing it from becoming dry and brittle.

When it comes in locking in moisture it’s best to use products that contain humectants, emollients, and occlusives. tend to attract moisture from the air and into the hair, while emollients soften and condition the hair while occlusives create a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping the hair. Products used for sealing in moisture can include oils, butters, or creams that are rich in emollients, such as shea butter, jojoba oil, or coconut oil. Advantage of locking in moisture is to help to promote healthy hair growth, reduce breakage and damage, and increase shine and manageability.

Tips on how to lock in /seal in moisture

  1. Start with clean hair hair: Make sure your natural hair is clean and free of product build-up or debris before you begin moisturising it. This will ensure that the moisturiser may effectively permeate your hair strands.
  2. Apply products on damp hair: Applying moisturisers and sealants on damp hair makes it easier to lock in moisture. Because wet hair absorbs moisture more quickly, applying products while the hair is damp aids in absorption and promotes more effective results.
  3. Seal in moisture with an oil or butter: You can use the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) or LCO (liquid, cream, oil) method is a technique used to layer moisture-retaining products onto the hair. After using a water-based moisturiser, seal in moisture with an oil or butter. These products operate by creating a barrier on the hair shaft and prevent moisture from escaping
    and keeps your hair hydrated and nourished
  4. Use a water-based moisturiser: Water is the best moisturiser for natural hair, therefore look for a moisturiser with water as the first ingredient. This will help to hydrate your hair from within and keep it moisturised for longer periods of time. Avoid harsh products and ingredients that contain sulfates, drying alcohols, or silicones as they tend to strip moisture from the hair.
  5. Focus on the ends of your hair: Apply a small amount of oil or butter to the ends of the hair as they tend to be more prone to dryness and damage as this will keep them hydrated and protected.
  6. Protect your hair at night: Sleeping with a satin or silk scarf or pillowcase will help minimise moisture loss while you sleep, resulting in softer, more moisturised hair when you wake up.
  7. Use protective styling and don’t over manipulate the hair: Consider protective styling such as braids, twists, or up dos to help minimise moisture loss and keep moisture in your hair. Avoid excessive styling, brushing or combing to preserve your locks’ moisture levels as over manipulating the hair can cause breakage and damage.

Do let us know in the comment session below how you lock in moisture in your hair.

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