How to Dress like Harvey Specter & Mike Ross: Suits Tv show

How to wear like-Harvey Specter & Mike Ross

Today’s celebrity style crush is Harvey Specter & Mike Ross from Suits. Ones you start watching Suits we guarantee you’ll be hooked. The show is about a Manhattan lawyer, Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) who hires a college drop up associate with photographic memory, Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams) and together they solve cases. This legal dram show is slick, amusing, intelligent and not forgetting super stylish that we want to raid their incredible wardrobe.

The show is all about dressing for success in a professional environment and the male characters are always in suits unless they’re off duty. The first episode of the series Mike Ross the rookie asked Harvey “Why does it matter how much I spend on a suit,” and he replied that “People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.”

Harvey-Specter-style-2-piece-suit, Harvey Specter style, suit style, suit tv series style
  Harvey Specter in 2 piece suit

You can tell a man by how he dresses, Harvey Specter dresses like a boss and his power suits represents his status. His clothes emphasises on details &shows his confidence. Harvey dresses up in well fitted narrow pinstripe suits & occasionally in grey or navy blue suits tailored to perfection. He loves wearing 3 piece suit & but sometimes he’ll be seen 2 piece suits that features double vents, wide peak lapels, spread collar custom tailored shirts, flapped pockets with a ticket pocket, & razor sharp trousers. He also accessorises with pocket square, French cuffs, polished black shoes & bold ties with Windsor knot for a look that says I am the boss around here.

Harvey-Specter-style-3-piece-suit, how to dress like Harvey, Harvey specter style
Harvey Specter in 3-piece suit

Mike Ross on the other hand wears 2 piece slim fit grey or navy blue suits with narrow/slim lapels, skinny ties with small four-in-hand knots, black shoes or converse shoes & single vent.

mike-ross-style-suit, Men's ties, Mens Style, Power Suit, Style Icon, Suits, Tom Ford, Windsor Knot
Mike Ross in slim fit suit 
mike-ross-style-suit-slim-fit-suit, 2 piece slim fit suit, mike ross style suit, Harvey Specter style, Harvey Specter style, suit style
 Mike Ross in 2-piece suit 

If you work in a professional environment and want to say you’re the Boss with your clothes we recommend you dress up like Harvey Spencer. 

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From Suits we can learn that your appearance is just as important as your talent so learn dress for success this season.

Just incase you want to buy a gift for Harvey Specter, think again as

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