Tips on How to Measure your Bra Size Correctly

Tips on How to Measure your Bra Size Correctly 1

Are you wearing the correct bra size? You may think you’re but according to a research carried out 8 out 10 women aren’t wearing the correct bra size. The badly fitting bra can cause sore shoulders, back pain, poor posture and can even cause breast tissue damage. The right bra size will make you look better in your clothes and you will feel much more comfortable and improve your posture.

What to consider when buying a new bra

Bra sizes vary between manufacturers so we recommend that you order/try one or two sizes up or down. Make sure the under band is sitting horizontally around the body, you should be able to fit two fingers under the band comfortably. The band is what should do the majority of the work supporting your breasts not the straps.

The centre of the bra should sits flat against the chest and the bust should be contained fully within cup. Straps should be secure but not tight, if you remove your bra straps, bra continues to support the breast.
Tips on How to Measure your Bra Size Correctly 2

Guide on how to measure your bra size correctly

Band size measurement
You can measure yourself whist wearing a thin but close fitting tank top and remove the bra underneath it. Place the tape measure firmly around your rib cage just under your bust where the lowest strap of your bra sits. Pull the tape firmly/tight but comfortable and pinch the tape measure and take a note of the measurement in inches. If your bra is an odd number for example if you measure 29 inches your bra size could be 30 or 32 but if your bra size is an even number  this is almost always your band size but you may need a smaller or larger size depending on your body type.

Cup size measurement

Your cup size it’s proportion to your band size. Bend over and make sure your chest is parallel to the ground and measure around the fullest part of your bust, and make sure the tape measure is firm but not squashing your breast.

Calculating the cup size

To get the right band measurements subtract your band measurement from the cup measurement. The difference between the band and the cup measurement determines the cup size.
 (cup size chart: Less than 1inch AA, 1inch A, 2inch B, 3inch C, 4inch D, 5 inch DD, 6 inch E, 7 inch F etc). E.g. if you measure 34 inches around the fullest part of your bust, and your band size is 32inches then you’re bra size is 32B.

Hope this helps and from now on you can measure your bra size correctly.

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