Burgundy Top with cream pants, black heels, necklace & bracelets

I have wanted a burgundy item in my closet for a while now, so you should have seen the excitement on my face when I got this top. I paired my burgundy top with cream flare pants (even though they look white on these photo) and black shoes.

Whether you call it oxblood, maroon, claret or just burgundy, there's no doubt this colour is essential to everyone's wardrobe. Burgundy’s versatility is such that it not only pairs well with a variety of colours but it also suits all types of skin tones and, in fact, flatters most. Everyone has been rocking burgundy from men to women. Burgundy items come in form of outwears, pants/jeans, and accessories.

It's very easy to style burgundy, you can create a monochromatic look out of it by wearing burgundy jacket, jeans, boots. Also wear burgundy with gold jewelery for a rich look. You can also wear burgundy with neutral colours such as black , white, nude or navy.  Again apologies for the poor quality of the photos, I blame my sister for this she was the photographer

What I wore: Shoes: Tk Maxx, necklace & Pants: thrifted, burgundy top: F&F, Bangles: from Tanzania

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Looking good hun...

Super lovely casual look. Got my first burgundy colored item two days ago. I´m in the mood for flared pants too :)
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