Finger coils: Natural hairstyle

Finally I decided to try out the famous finger coil hairdo after watching a number of YouTube clips and almost getting discouraged of doing it as some people were saying it took them 3-5 hours to do it.  

Finger coils is an act of coiling your tress using your fingers & gel. For my hair I used Eco Styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel mixed with jojoba oil & olive oil to moisturise the hair. 

I gathered up the courage a few weeks ago and I did it while watching a number of Tv shows to get my mind off the process. After approximately 2.5 hours the hair was done but it shrunk to half the normal size. The following day after the hair was dry I separate the hair to make it full as there was no way I was going to go anywhere looking like that.

How to maintain finger coils: I wore this hair style for three weeks and my hair was never out place. At night I slept with a satin bonnet and run my hands through the hair to style it and that was it.

I received a lot of compliments about the hair some people even thought I had cut my hair. Once you get tired of the finger coils make sure you carefully detangle your hair before washing it. 

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