Liverpool Exceptionelle hair show: Hair Event Review

Hope y’all having a fantastic Good Friday. Last week Saturday, I attended Exceptionelle hair show in Liverpool which was fabulous. I have never attended a hair show before so I didn’t know what to expect.

 The hair show was official meant to start at 8pm but offered a chance for people to network, buy items from the stalls and socialize from 6pm. 

The show was delayed a bit as the organizers sold out quite a number of tickets but people turned up late and since the organizers were really considerate they decided to give the latecomers a chance before beginning the show. There was quite diversity on the catwalk with models of different race, size and height which was cool.


The show was 2 hours with three catwalk shows featuring, quirky, casual and glamorous. There was 15min break in between the catwalk slots and entertainment from EGO singers, MD production, Hair extensions competition from hairstylists and  a raffle draw. 

Models getting dolled up backstage at Exceptionelle hair show. The hairstyles/extensions/weaves were done in between catwalk slots which was very impressive.







  •  The first catwalk featured quirky hairstyle and bold make up. The model strut their stuff wearing scarfs tied as tops with tutu/tulle skirts.

 scarf-top-with-long-eyelashes tutu-skirt-blonde-hairstyle

Orange tulle skirt 


Pink & purple tutu skirt


Blue & white tulle skirt


  • They were stalls from Carrie Alisha jewellery who specialize in handmade jewellery made with 99.9% silver at a reasonable price and la bala boutique (@labalaboutique)


 La bala boutique



 Carrie Alisha jewellery

  • The Liverpool EGO girl-band which is made up of Megan Worthington, Jess Grant, Summer Ditchfield, Chelsea Farrell, Reme Williams gave an amazing performance. MD Production dancers also gave a breathtaking performance.


Ego singer


 MD Production dancers

The second catwalk:

  • A  model wearing a green tartan swing dress with centre parted pink highlight loose curled hair. The makeup was quite natural for a casual look.


  • Another model wore a white tank top with a grey skater skirt, statement necklace, a series of gold bangles and centre parted straight hair.


  • One of the models wore a grey long-sleeved knitted soft stretchy swing dress with a white statement necklace and side parted curly hair.

 grey long-sleeved-knitted-soft-stretchy-swing-dress

  • Another model wore a geo diamond print high waist shorts with pleated long-sleeved black sheer top, long gold necklace and curly hair.

geo diamond print high-waist-shorts-with-pleated-long-sleeved-black-sheer-top


The hairstylist battled it out for the Exceptionelle hair extensions best hairstylist award where they had to style their models during the event and the public had to vote for the winner. I thought the voting process could have been done better as the winner was selected by the loudest scream from the public.   


The stylist with their models




The winner of Exceptionelle hair extensions best hairstylist award

  • The last catwalk featured a model wearing a black lace trim cami dress with a fringed purple highlight tips hair extensions.


  •  Model wore a monochrome striped off the shoulder mini dress with a centre part curly hair.


  • One of the models wore a black crop top laser cut out with a ponte check print trousers, gold necklace and straight centre part weave hair.


  • Another model wore a cami straps floral midi dress with mesh panel hem with blonde highlights.



Overall the show was great and the organizers did an amazing job and the next show will be in Leeds be sure to attend it


 Backstage team with the models

The makeup was done by @hannahgillmua

The models wore La bala boutique (@labalaboutique) clothes



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