Braided & plaits hairstyle: latest must have hairstyle

This season we have seen the rise of braided hairstyle on celebrities which has made us conclude that braided hair is the latest must have hairstyle. This style is chic and easy to do, for less than 30 minute you will achieved a glamorous hairstyle. 

From French braids to Dutch braids, all over the head braids to fishtail braids; braided hair is a must this season.

All you need to do to achieve a half up French braid style is to braid a section of your hair (this could be the front or sides) and secure it bobby pins. Use a curly tong to create weaves and you’re ready to rock your hair.

Below are different ways you could style your braided hair

Milkmaid braid or crown braid

Milkmaid braid is another glamorous way to wear your hair up. You can achieve this look by parting your hair into two section and braiding them, secure the ends with a rubber band. Pull tha plaits across your head and secure them with a bobby pin. 


Back to back braids

For a simple hairdo under 30 minutes you can braid your hair all back. Braid the hair from the crown to the nape of the neck.



Fishtail braids

You can decide to go for a side or back fishtail braid, the choice is yours.

 Fishtail-Braid-Hairstyles, side braid hairstyles,

Side braids for a punk urban style

You don't need to shave your hair to achieve a punk urban style as you can braid one side of your hair to achieve an urban hairdo. You can do one or two half braids or full braids, then style the rest of the hair the way you want it.


Share your thoughts with us if you're planning to try the braided hairstyle

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