6 autumn winter must have pants/trousers

autumn/winter must have pants/trousers


Pants are wardrobe staple and this autumn/winter we have got the hottest trousers trends just for you. Pants/trousers see us through job interview and are sufficiently elegant for evening wear.

The new pants trends come in array of colours, styles & length. Trousers are stylish & versatile they can be worn with sheer shirts, lace top, t-shirts and knitwear for an effortless casual look. Here are this autumn/winter must have pants

Ankle Zip Pants: Ankle zip pants aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The zipper pants can be on the side or on the front of the pants and look great when paired with heels. 

zipper pants, side zipper pants, cobalt blue knitwear

Tartan/plaid pants: Plaid will be a hot fashion look for autumn/winter thanks to most designers who have incorporated it in their AW13 collections. We have seen tartan used in dresses, skirts, accessories and pants. Tartan pants can be a little tricky to wear but with a little bit of planning you may be able to pull them off. Pair them with a button down shirt, cropped top, sweater and t-shirts.

tartan pants, plaid pants, how to wear plaid pants, how to wear tartan pants

Leather pants: Leather is a massive hit this autumn/winter and has now become an everyday staple in the wardrobes of most girls/women. Leather trousers are surprisingly versatile and easy to wear. Add a bit of toughness to your look by pairing leather pants with a blazer or denim jacket for a casual look.

how to wear leather pants, leather pants, leather trousers

Culottes/cropped wide leg pants: Culottes have made a comeback this season with Céline, Acne, and Louis Vuitton featuring the voluminous cropped trousers.  This is a style of trousers that ends just below the knee and resemble a skirt.  Culottes give off a playful vibe and are great for achieving a tomboy look.  Keep the silhouette slim by pairing them with blouses/shirt, cropped top, sweaters, ankle strappy heels & boots. Get some inspiration from Victoria Beckham who has been spotted on a number of occasions rocking her culottes.

culottes, Victoria Beckham in culottes

side stripes/Paneled pants: Paneled pants/trousers usually feature stripes on the side. Make sure you’re bang on trend this season with super chic yet sporty trousers for a sport luxe look. They’re perfect choice for smart office days and weekend. Team side stripes pants with heels or flat shoes for a stylish look.

side stripe pants, paneled pants, side striped trousers, paneled trousers

Harem Pants: The drop down crotch pants are AW13 must have trousers. These pants are comfortable, versatile & super stylish. Choose harem pants that fit your body shape because they tend to add weight to the bottom part of your body as they are puffy around the thigh area. Pair them with a tucked in blouse & heels for a night look or with ballet shoes for a day out shopping.

harem pants, drop crotch pants, harem trousers, silk harem trousers, drop crotch trousers

Let us know your thoughts on AW13 must have pants.

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