8 Fashionable summer suit trends for grooms

Must have summer suit trends for grooms

Summer wedding season

Summer wedding season is upon us, and if you’re planning a wedding we know about the pressure and the stress that comes with it. Grooms tend to be totally opposite to the brides. As the brides number one priority is to find that dress even before sorting out other things while grooms tend to wait until last minute before deciding what to wear. If that is you, fear not as we here to help you decide on what suit to wear for your big day.

When it comes to suits make sure you buy/rent the one that fits you properly. When we talk about fitting we mean the suit jacket sleeve pitch, the shoulder, jacket sleeve length, jacket closure, jacket collar, the seat, trouser break sit at the right place for a perfect fit. 

Below are a few fashionable suits that you can rock for your wedding this season

Three piece blue suits: Three piece suits are favourable by most grooms as they tend to be versatile as during the reception you can remove the jacket and remain with the waistcoat. Pair a blue three piece suit with a crisp white shirt, white pocket square, purple necktie & black shoes.

How to style Men’s blue three piece suit

Grey Suit: Give the black suit a rest in favour of a fashionable grey suit which can be paired with a crisp white or sky blue shirt, neck or bow tie and black shoes for a polished look

8 Fashionable summer suit trends for grooms 1

White tuxedo blazer with black trousers: Opt for a monochrome black and white, by pairing a white tuxedo blazer with a matching white shirt, black trousers, bow tie & black shoes for a clean look.

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Navy blue suit: Blue suits are versatile and suit most body types, body sizes and skin tones. They not only perfect for weddings but can also be worn for interviews or to the office. Pair a blue suit with a white shirt, navy blue neck tie, white pocket square and black or brown shoes.

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Skinny pants/jeans with a tuxedo blazer: For a rock and roll kind of a look pair a black tuxedo blazer with a white shirt, black bow tie, beige/khaki skinny trousers and back brogues.

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Purple suit: Pair a purple suit with a black or white shirt & black derby shoes.

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Broken suit: When it comes to a wedding there’s no rule that says you have to wear a full match suit. You can break the monotony by wearing a broken suit. Pair a navy blue blazer with a matching tie with a sky blue shirt, grey trousers, black belt, and a pair of black shoes for a fun polished look.

Wear a waistcoat instead of a blazer: Not a big fan of suit jacket or tie why not smarten-up your look with a waist coat. Pair a crisp white long-sleeved shirt with a grey waist coat with matching trousers & black shoes for an effortless look.

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Do let us know which of these your favourite wedding suit 

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