Animal prints: 7 Awesome Ways & Tips on How to Wear Animal Prints

Animal prints: 7 Awesome Ways & Tips on How to Wear Animal Prints 1

Animal Prints

Animal prints add a dash of boldness, fun, elegance and glamour to any outfit and these prints have grown in popularity over time. Animal print designs can be found on just about anything, including clothing such as skirts, pants, shirts, shoes, purses, scarves and come in a variety of colours, sizes, and styles. They are ideal for styling, layering, combining, and matching with other patterns or worn on their own. Animal prints fashion include animals such as zebras, giraffes, snakes, lizards, tiger, leopard, crocodiles, leopards, cheetahs, and others.

Reasons why you should wear animal prints

Eye-catching effects: At social gatherings like parties, wearing an item with an all-over animal print may make a statement or draw attention, but wearing more subdued, smaller versions may give off a more put-together vibe.

Mood enhancing: Depending on the type of animal or combination involved, animal prints convey different emotions. For instance, leopard prints denote self-assurance and playfulness, cheetah prints conjure a fiery demeanour, serval prints denote originality, and elephant prints denote strength and wisdom. Depending on personal taste and the intended result, mix and match appropriately.

Pair strategically: To achieve balance and proportion, combine animal designs with solid neutral tones, complementary colours, or tones that are comparable to them. When selecting multiple animal prints, take into account whether they have complementary traits (like vertical stripes) or contrast well with one another due to their individual characteristics. Also consider scale; when combined, small vs. large prints can have a different visual impact.

Coordinate with texture: Using fabrics with various textures and finishes, particularly within one outfit, is another excellent way to integrate animal patterns. This method draws attention away from cluttered pattern pairings while introducing intrigue through the use of sensory aspects, such as matte silk next to shiny tweed or soft velvet next to rough corduroy. Feel free to experiment and push boundaries

Go big (or go home): On rare circumstances, taking advantage of maximal exposure can be quite effective if done correctly. Try wearing all-animal print outfits, mixing and combining different designs in one outfit or space, or introducing bigger motifs as statement pieces (think animal-printed floor mats, chairs, or throw pillows). Just keep in mind to keep each setting visually harmonious.

Embrace timeless classics: Because of their inherent adaptability and eternal beauty, some animal patterns will never go out of style. Zebra print, Herringbone, argyle, tartan, and houndstooth are examples of black-and-white patterns that have strong geometric shapes that resemble those seen in nature (such as fish scales or reptile skin) and can be styled with ease.

How to Stylishly wear Animal Prints

Mix and match print: Jennifer Lopez stepped out to promote her new movie ‘The Mother’ dressed in Valentino leopard brocade dress with fringe on the sleeves. She paired the dress with matching leopard print leggings, heels & tiny bag, sunglasses, hoop for a head to toe animal print look.


Animal print effect leather long coat: Kendal Jenner stepped out in NYC dressed in a Borrega Veneta AW234 grey long leather coat with a red and black leopard print collar with narrow sunglasses, black skirt and black knee high leather boots for a cute look.


Cheetah print boots: Regina Hall wore a beige mac with a pair of blue jeans, cheetah print boots and hoop earrings for an effortless look.


Tiger print strapless jumpsuit: Myleene Klass wore a tiger print strapless jumpsuit with a pair of woven wedge ankle sandals, series of necklaces, large white frame sunglasses, gold hoop earrings and a black Chanel chain bag for a stylish day outfit.


Leopard print spaghetti strap dress: Katy Perry wore a vintage Christian Dior Fall 2004 silk Chiffon dice embellished leopard dress which she paired with gold earrings & pink strappy heels.

Katy_Perry_in_a _vintage_Christian_Dior_Fall_2004_silk_Chiffon_dice_embellished_leopard_dress

Leopard print flat shoes: Bella Hadid wore her leopard print shoes with buggy leather pants and matching jacket on her arm, and a white polo t-shirt for a stylish day outfit.


Leopard, cheetah and zebra print cross bag: Laura Whitmore wore a velvet green pant suit with a white t-shirt, white trainers, sunglasses, a series of necklaces and animal print cross bag for a sassy look.


Zebra print co-ords: Katy Perry wore the Attico zebra print mini skirt with matching jacket. She completed her look with a sequinned sleeveless halter neck crop top, above-the-knee black leather boots, earrings, rings, and a pair of black sunglasses as she was heading into Jimmy Kimmel Live studio on Hollywood.

Katy_Perry_in_a _vintage_Christian_Dior_Fall_2004_silk_Chiffon_dice_embellished_leopard_dress

Snake print co-ords: Emily Ratajkowski stepped out in a black crop top which she paired a snake print trousers with matching jacket. She completed her look with a pair of red square toed snake print boots, sunglasses, necklace and a handbag for a chic snake on snake print outfit.


Do let us know if you’ll be wearing animal print this season

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