Men’s Latest fashion Trend 2013

Men's must have fashion trend 2013

The high street is the beating heart of the average man’s fashion world – read on to find out what high street styles will be making their mark in 2013. The evolution of high street shopping over the last decade has changed the way both women and, perhaps more significantly, men shop. Providing catwalk style at affordable prices, high street shops allow men to dress like their favourite movie stars or footballers without the price tag. Whereas men previously had to run the gauntlet between smart and casual, now high street shops help them easily piece together outfits for any occasion. So, what will be hot on the high street in 2013? Read on to find out the latest developments in the fashion world that will be seeping their way through to a shop near you soon.

Bright and bold

Forget about the drabness of winter, vibrant colours are expected to be all the rage for men once again this year on the high street. Many of the most influential designers have used a rich pallet of colours in their shows this season, with oranges, cerulean, spearmint and reds all expected to be the unexpected stars this year in male high street fashion. Expect lots of bold pairings – red tops and yellow cardigans, rust jackets on top of bright blue t-shirts – especially as the weather begins to improve.

Olympic factor

They might have been half a year ago already, but one legacy of London 2012 is going to be on the high street. With a renewed enthusiasm for sport and the raised profile of Britain’s athletic stars, designers have tailored several items in their Spring and Summer collections to capture this market. Whether it’s through sweatbands or striped track pants, expect to see of a lot of men aping the looks of Bradley Wiggins and Ryan Lochte. 

Stripes – but not as you know them

Stripes have been an integral part of men’s fashion for decades. And some high street stores have decided to play about with the sartorial classic this year. Offering striped shorts, shirts, t-shirts and even shoes, expect to see plenty of stylish men incorporating at least one or two of these items into their look in 2013.


Men’s jeans will continue to provide the ideal blend of smart and casual this year. Expect to see the high street continuing to push past the denim classic, tying in the trend for brighter colours with some exotically tinted jeans. 

Military styles will keep marching on

They have been the fashion staple in men’s wardrobes for the last few years – and it appears there will be no ceasefire in military fashion’s dominance of the high street. From camouflage shorts to olive anoraks, a well-fitting piece of military-styled clothing can definitely separate the men from the boys and will continue to do so in 2013.

What was your best ever fashion find on the high street?

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