My Natural Hair Care Routine and Products

hair care routine products

The reason that I decided to go natural was that my front hair was damaged. I had long hair at the back and hardly anything on my front which was a bit frustrating when styling it. It has been easy for me to maintain my natural hair since I have soft hair texture so I don’t have to worry about feeling pain while combing it.

Now and then I try to pre shampoo, and pre condition my hair but sometimes I get really lazy and I don’t do the whole process. So when I have the time (note when I really have the time) I pre-shampoo my hair for 20 minutes, wash and shampoo, then pre-condition for 30mins-1 hour wash & condition my hair. Once I have dried my hair I use leave-in condition and oil my hair before styling/braiding/plaiting. Twist out have been my signature look for sometimes now and I still love them.

My Natural Hair Care Routine and Products 1

I also moisturise my hair  at least twice a week and I make up my own hair moisturiser from a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil, virgin hair fertilizer, jojoba oil, tea tree oil and shea butter. I really don’t have measurements for this oils I just take a few scoops and drops of oil depending on the quantity I want.

My Natural Hair Care Routine and Products 2
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