Silk purple Harem Pants, green blazer, floral top & sandals

How to style silk harem pants with a blazer

Hope y’all had a lovely weekend, I wore this outfit on Sunday which happened to be St Patrick’s Day it was a perfect excuse for me to pair my purple silk harem pants with a green cropped blazer and floral blouse.

I was not sure about harem pants before but they are now growing on me. Did I mention that I have had these pants for one year but never worn them? Do you guys have the same habit of buying things and you don’t wear them immediately or at all?

We all know harem pants can be very tricky to wear but nevertheless anyone can wear them and you even don’t have to be a pear shape to pull them off.

Harem pants come in different size, shape, colours and texture so make sure you choose harem pants that fit your shape.  Harem pants have a tendency to add weight to the bottom part of your body as they are puffy around the thigh area.

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Try as much as possible to define your waist by either tucking in your top or wearing a waist belt when wearing harem pants, these will help to keep the focus away from your thigh area. The key thing when wearing harem pants is make sure you balance out the structure of the look. Here are a few tips on how to wear harem pants without looking like Aladdin.

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Silk purple Harem Pants, green blazer, floral top & sandals 1

People with curves shape should choose harem pants that are silk or satin and freely flowing and people with slim figures should go for tailored harem pants or freely flowing. Harem pants can be paired with a shirt or a tank top or a cropped top, blazer and heels. When pairing your harem pants with a blazer chose a blazer that fits close to your body especially at the waist.  For a more relaxed look pair your harem pants with sandals/gladiator sandals and supple top.

Silk purple Harem Pants, green blazer, floral top & sandals 2

Keep your accessories to a minimal and go for peep toes heels or normal heels so as to elongate your legs. 

Silk purple Harem Pants, green blazer, floral top & sandals 3

What I wore: Silk purple harem pants: New look, heels: Next, Cropped green blazer & floral blouse: H&M, green ring: Bhs

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