Midi length ‘iro’ and buba, heels & milkmaid braid hairstyles

‘Oleku’ fashion style- Midi length 'iro' and buba with gold earrings


‘Oleku’ is a common traditional style for women of South-West part of Nigeria (Yoruba) in the 70s & 80s. ‘Oleku’ (something elegant) comprises of a skirt (‘Iro’) and a top (‘buba’) which is also called ‘Iro & buba’. The top can be short sleeved or long sleeved and the skirt can be mini, midi or maxi and can be worn by people with different body types, shapes & age. 

Chinny looks stunning in her ‘Oleku’ style attire which she paired with strappy heels, golden statement earrings, milkmaid braid hairstyles and a black tote bag for a chic casual look.

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‘Oleku’ are mostly worn on special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and social events. ‘Oleku’ can be mixed and matched with other fabrics, prints and colours to achieve a contemporary look. ‘Oleku’ fashion can be worn with heels or flat shoes and a head gear traditionally known as ‘Gele’ tied on the head will complement this look.

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Pair your ‘Oleku’ with sky high heels, clutch and a statement necklace for a ready to party look.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘Oleku’ fashion style. 

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