Leen Samyn Sandal Summer Collection

Leen Samyn Sandal Summer Collection

I would like to introduce to you Leen Samyn Sandal Summer Collection. Her collection looks amazing,  very creative, colourful and it just screams out Summer.

Leen Samyn Sandal  collection is so unique and different from other Maasai sandals that I have owned which makes me want to own a few pairs of them to add to my sandal collection. 

Leen Samy is introducing  her first collection with the Morani sandal, meaning ‘Worrior’ in the Maasai language. Experience the feeling of being comfortable and sexy at the same time in this finely crafted leather and beaded sandal.

According to Leen Samyn ‘All my materials are made and sourced locally in East Africa. I set up my business with the intention to educate and create opportunities for local Tanzanians with a window to the Western world’.  Her collection is sold in Spain, Mallorca, Australia, South-Africa, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and US.

These are definitely must have pair of sandals this summer.

Image credit: leensamyn.com 

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