V-neck t-shirts: men’s fashion essentials for spring-summer wardrobe

men's fashion essentials for spring-summer wardrobe

Men’s v neck t shirts

Men’s v neck t shirts are perfect alternative to crew necks or round neck t-shirts. They’re basic fashion essentials for your spring-summer wardrobe. They come in standard cut, fitted and low fitted V-neck. A good V-neck tee hit well below your Adam’s apple and well above that strapping chest of yours.

V-necks are classic, timeless and stylish and are great for dressing up or down. They’re perfect for creating an illusion of a slimmer neckline and emphasis on your chest area instead of on your neck, who won’t like that! When wearing a V-neck make sure your chest is well groomed as I am sure most ladies don’t fancy seeing those curly hairs on your chest. V-neck t-shirts look great when paired with suits, jeans, trousers, chinos or shorts. Don’t be afraid to wear coloured t-shirts for a statement look.

How to style V-neck t-shirts

Jesse Metcalfe paired his white plain V-neck t-shirt with a pair of Jacob Holston jeans, sunglasses and white Lacoste trainers for a shopping trip look. Alexander Ludwig paired his unbuttoned red and blue plaid shirt over a grey v-neck t-shirt with dark brown leather boots, accessorised with a BVLGARI Octo watch, beaded bracelets, dog tag pendant and BVLGARI Octo sunglasses. Aaron Paul wore a charcoal grey wool coat over a grey v-top and white t-shirt, dark jeans and a pair of leather boots when he attended the education-based organisation’s fundraiser. Brad Pitt wore a black V-neck T-shirt with black pants, black velour jacket, framed glasses and black shoes for an all black ensemble at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica.

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Alexander Ludwig looks simple in a baby blue V-Neck t-shirt with a pair of khaki chinos, sunglasses and Vans. Ben Affleck stepped out in a black V-neck T-shirt, grey sweater vest, black jacket and grey jeans. Liev Schreiber was spotted in Brentwood wearing a white printed V-neck tee with a pair of shorts and trainers and sunglasses. Kiefer Sutherland paired his smart black suit with a V-neck t-shirt underneath it and brown brogues for a dinner date ensemble. 

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Sean Lowe arrived in LAX airport wearing a black v-neck tee shirt with a comfy wool cardigan, blue jean, black boots and a black bag across his shoulder. Josh Bowman opted for a simple look when he paired his plain white v-neck tee with sunglasses, a pair of black jeans and matching sneakers. Evan Peters paired his bright purple V-neck top with black jeans, and sneakers as he stepped out in LA. Zac Efron appeared on Nick Grimshaw’s breakfast show wearing an off green t-shirt with a black denim jacket, black jeans, dark sunglasses & black shoes with white sole.

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 Let us know if you’ll be giving the V-neck a trial run

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