Every year, fashion trends come and go. They trickle down from the design houses and the catwalk shows onto the high street, into style magazines and – before you know it – into your wardrobe. A few short years, months or even weeks later (or just when someone pulls out that embarrassing photo), you’ll find yourself wondering why you were so easily swayed. The latest trend on the lips of those in the know isn’t going to sit quietly in 2013 – it’s meggings. That’s right, leggings for men.

The trend for the male legging is said to be taking the likes of super-cool New York by storm and even in the depths of winter, fashion forward men care beginning to be seen strutting their stuff (or simply going about their day) in various colours and patterns. The emphasis is on wearing them just like a pair of skinny jeans, but taken to the next level of tightness – think paired with chunky jumpers, oversized shirts and for everyone’s sake, nothing tucked into the top of them.

First seen on the catwalks at the tail end of last year (Givenchy and Prada: guilty), the trend looks set to continue well into 2013 with its appearance at the hands of Armani at this year’s Men’s Fashion Week in Milan. On the high street, they’re being stocked in the likes of Uniqlo, Urban Outfitters and Nike (albeit for seemingly more conventional ‘sports purposes’). 

Always eager to be leaders of the fash pack, meggings have been seen on the legs of a whole host of celebrities already, including Justin Bieber, Jude Law and Lenny Kravitz. Ever the sartorial rebel, Russell Brand has been wearing his for a good while now. Could celebrity endorsement make them socially acceptable? Only time will tell.

So if you think you hear the sounds of Lycra trousers calling your name, give meggings a go.

Will you be trying meggings this year? Where will you put your wallet?

Author Bios: by Sara who is a fashion blogger for Passion for Fashion here you can find style inspiration and clothing for both men and women – maybe even meggings one day.

Image source: cbc.ca

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