5 Functional Style Tips Every Fitness Lover Needs to Know

5 Functional Style Tips Every Fitness Lover Needs to Know 1

Of all the things that influence your performance during a workout, clothing is one of the more important ones. It’s not just about looking pretty at the gym, it’s about the effectiveness of your exercising. But let’s face it, if you’ve been spending time sculpting your body to perfection you probably want to look good too. You’ve put time and effort into being that toned warrior goddess, so you deserve to show off. For maximum impact, you want clothes that are both functional and stylish so you’d look and feel good as you sweat your way through the workout. If you want to know how to do more, and do it better, read on for a few tips that will help you pick the right outfits.

Pick quality over quantity

Clearance sales are great and sometimes they’re a good way to save money, but you really don’t want to skimp on your gym wear. Rather than buying a dozen cheap articles in hopes that they’ll last a while, stick to buying only a few high quality items. Buying in bulk doesn’t actually save you any money, because all these shoddy shirts and sweatpants will wear out fast, feel uncomfortable, and very likely make you look terrible. This is especially important when it comes to sports bras, because wearing poor bras won’t give you the support you need. Investing in quality clothes pays off much better in the long run. 

Choose the right materials

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Cotton sounds like a great idea on paper because it’s technically a light, breathable material, but in reality it’s a terrible choice for exercising. It won’t soak up any of your sweat, so you’ll look like a dripping wet mess twenty minutes into your workout. Look for quality gym wear for women that’s made of durable, fitness specific materials. Think things like nylon and spandex, that are light, have moisture-wicking abilities and look amazing on your body. You want outfits that will boost your performance by keeping you cool and dry so you can exercise longer.

Make choices based on the type of workout

Your clothing choices should depend on whether you do yoga, cycling, martial arts, running, or whichever activity it is that you prefer. You never want it to be too tight so it restricts your movements, nor overly loose, because baggy things can hinder you as well. When it comes to yoga, for example, form-fitting gym wear is encouraged because you need to always pay attention to your form and you won’t see if you’re doing well if you are covered in shapeless fabrics. Your running shirt could stand to be a bit baggier so your skin could breathe properly. If you’re not sure what works for you, try wearing different things each day until you find something that both feels comfortable and looks good.

Don’t forget the sneakers
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Sneakers are absolutely essential for any and every type of workout. Having bad shoes can lead to serious injury, so you want to invest in at least two good pairs. Your sneakers will need to have proper arch support, and you may wish to have separate walking and gym shoes, as walking shoes simply aren’t made to withstand too much impact. Grab something that feels comfortable right from the start and keeps your ankles and your feet firmly protected.

Embrace athleisure

Times are changing and we’re definitely living faster, more hectic lives that require us to rush from one obligation to another. For this reason, athleisure is a godsend because now you can combine both style and incredible comfort as you rush through the day. It’s becoming popular even among celebrities because it’s easy to pull off, and it’s effortlessly chic and fashionable. Pairing yoga pants with a cute crop top, or leggings with a baggy sweater is now considered the very essence of style, so embrace this cool trend that both looks good, and can inspire you to be even more dedicated to your workouts.

If you like exercising and want to keep doing it, then investing in good gym wear is a must. You deserve to have some quality pieces that look great on you and help you achieve your maximum. 

Author: Peter Minkoff

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