6 Plus Size Style Hacks Every Curvy Girl Should Know

6 Plus Size Style Hacks Every Curvy Girl Should Know 1

Finding great plus size clothing pieces is no longer impossible. Many clothing brands cater to various different body shapes, which allows you to look fabulous and fashionable. However, not even the most gorgeous garment can make you look like a true diva if you don’t know how to wear and style it properly. What’s more, not all garments are made equally. If you want to make sure that you look amazing all the time, take a look at the following plus size clothing hacks. These can make a world of difference for your personal style.

1. What to do about tops?

The first thing you should pay attention to when shirts and tops are concerned is the neckline. In general, boat necklines are the perfect choice for a plus size lady. If you want to add a bit of sexiness to the game, instead of going for really deep and open necklines, opt for off the shoulder tops. The next thing you should consider is the shape and cut of your shirt. If you don’t want to wear tight tops you should still look for those that are fitted under the bust or around the waist. Boxy tops don’t look all that flattering on a curvy figure.

2. Say yes to high-waisted pants

6 Plus Size Style Hacks Every Curvy Girl Should Know


There’s hardly anyone who can’t pull off the low-waisted trend. If you want to look great and feel comfy in your outfit, make sure that you always look for high-waisted pants that have just a little bit of flare from your knees down. Not only will you feel a lot more comfortable but you’ll instantly have a lot more possibilities when it comes to the choice of your tops. Not to mention that your bum will look amazing.

3. How to choose a skirt?

Because there are many different body shapes, it would be best to try out different skirt cuts, lengths and designs to find the one that flatters your particular body shape the most. Some curvy ladies look amazing in A-cut retro skirts just below their knees while some look really beautiful when wearing long maxi skirts that fall straight. On the other hand, let’s not forget the gorgeousness of high-waisted pencil skirts. Therefore, the best plus size hack when it comes to skirts is to try out many different ones in order to find your perfect fit.

4. Gorgeous dresses
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Boho-inspired dresses are perfect for curvy ladies who want to make an impact with their personal style. In general, choose dresses that have an empress top and flare out from underneath your bust. On the other hand, wrap up dresses can fit your body shape perfectly, because they are very adjustable.

5. Layer carefully

Layering can be your best friend if you have a curvy figure but only to the extent that it doesn’t look too textured. Structure and texture don’t mean the same. Therefore, don’t combine too many pieces at once. If you’re going with a frilly and textured top, you don’t need to cover it up with cardigan of similar design. In general, opt for relatively simple garments when design is concerned if you want to layer them effectively.

6. Invest in quality

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If you want your clothes to last and look great on you for several seasons, it’s important to choose quality over quantity. This is true for everyone regardless of their body shape. It’s especially important to pay attention to the way your plus size jackets are made and the materials used because this is something that’s a staple piece during the colder winter months and you don’t want anything bad happening to it.

Finally, the best piece of advice for plus size girls is to shop wisely. Just because something looks like it would fit perfectly on the rack doesn’t mean that it would look all that great when worn. Therefore, you need to try on the garments in the stores first and know your measurements when shopping online. 

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