7 Ways to decrease natural hair shrinkage

7 Ways to decrease natural hair shrinkage 1

Shrinkage is almost inevitable as you’re going to experience it at one point so try and embrace it. My hair tends to shrink a lot when it gets in contact with water… natural hair lovelies know what I am talking about. My shrinkage is almost 50% when in contact with water and almost 25% on a normal day. Below are a few tips to help reduce shrinkage and show off your long natural hair

Stretching the hair by twisting or braiding– stretch your hair using twist out, roller sets and braid outs which allow the hair to be stretched.  While doing the above style moisturise your hair which will help the hair to hang more. One can twist or braid their hair then washing it, this prevents shrinkage.

Pineapple method– this simply means tying your hair in a high ponytail especially when going to bed. This method protects your hair style and curls.

Blow drying – use heat protector before blow drying your hair but beware that too much heat is not good for your hair.

Banding – using elastic hair bands to stretch the hair. This can be done before or after braiding or twisting the hair.

Bantu Knots: This is done by continuous wrapping a section of your hair around to form a knot. This can be done on braided, twisted or hair that has not been styled.

Sets– using curlformers (heatless hair stretchers) or flexirods, roller sets or straw set to help stretch the hair

Threading– threading is another great way of stretching your hair without applying heat. Use thread (plastic or cotton)/yarn or hair extensions to thread your natural hair.

Stay away from products with Humectants such as glycerine, propylene glycol ingredients  

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