9 Top Tips on How to Add Value into Your Property/House


With the house prices sky rocketing below are a few things than you can do to your house or property to add more value to it.

  1. The exterior

Instead of removing UPVC windows you can spray paint or paint to give them a facelift. Another alternative is to introduce a bit of character to the exterior of your home by cladding it to make it stand out. Go wild on your front door by painting it blue, grey, pink or black, to make it stand out. You can also add value to your house/property by converting your garage into either a cinema room, office, den, utility room, play room or games room.

2. Parking

If you live in the city or near the sea front, front parking does add value to your property. You can tile or pave the front garden for a bit of face lift.

3. Garden

Garden room give you extra space and you can do so much with them as they can be used as an extra space for an office, games room, or play room but do make sure they’re well insulated, especially now that the energy prices are hitting the roof. You can buy ready to buy shade or do it from scratch with second hand UPVC windows and doors and transform it without spending too much money, or find one online from the free websites.

4. Kitchen

Kitchens is one of the most important part of the house, so the easiest way to transform them is to change the doors and work surfaces or just paint them inside and out and replace the door handles or if you really need to replace the kitchen you can get a second hand one to save you money. You can also use laminates for your work surfaces. Buy good looking taps or instant boiling water tap which is handy for an instant coffee or tea.

5. Bathroom

If you can increase the number of bathrooms in the house, this will definitely add value to your home. A shower is more practical and environmental friendly when it comes to a small bathroom especially en-suite but for a family home a bathtub is a must. A cloakroom is also a good option if there’s a small space available or you can utilise under the stairs.

6. Knocking through walls

Knocking through walls for an open plan living is a best option to maximise the living space. If open plan is not your thing or option you can invest in sliding doors to bring the outside inside and light.

7. Decorating

Have an imagination by creating a theme for each room. Feature walls are perfect and stand the test of time, you can do this by painting, using wallpapers or panelling to give the place a face lift.

8. Decluttering

Create a clutter free space by making it as beautiful as you can especially if you’re planning to sell. Invest in clever storage solutions to get clutter out of the way especially when you have young children.

9. Adding extensions

Adding extensions to your property will automatically add value to it. But make sure the extension connect with the rest of the house and not an after thought.

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