Black & white Brocade Dress with tights & heart shaped pumps


Brocade dress

Hope y’all had a lovely weekend. I met Michelle on Sunday I immediately fell in love with her cute brocade dress.

Michelle’s brocade dress is so versatile; it can be dressed up or down. Brocade is a type of richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics used by popular fashion designers to create a modish dress. Brocade prints are perfect for formal party or casual.

Just because it’s fall there’s no need to stash your cute brocade dresses away.

Brocade dresses can be layered or not layered depending on the season.

A brocade dress that stops just above the knees like Michelle’s can be teamed up with boots or tights.

Brocade Dressed can also be worn with blazers and can also be accessorised. Wear a turtleneck over your sleeveless brocade dress during winter to keep you warm.

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