Chic Networking Mother’s day Fashion show Event

Chic Networking fashion show event review

Hope y’all had an amazing weekend as my weekend was fantastic. Today I attended Chic networking mother’s day fashion & lifestyle show that took place in Liverpool Hilton hotel. 

The event was amazing and a number of people (both men & women) attended the show. The models strut their stuff on the catwalk showcasing designs from Mark Melia designs, Patty Fashion, The dressing Room and Melanie Louise (Exclusive children’s designer wear. There was also a performance from EGO, this girls can dance and sing their heart out. The children models did such a fabulous job as they owned the runway.

Ego Music UK

Mark Melia designs

When it came to networking people kept to themselves and there was no much of business cards exchange. This has been the case with a lot of fashion shows and bloggers meet ups events in Liverpool, not sure why. No models of diversity: There was no diversity on the runway as most of the models were Caucasian and it could have been nice to see models of different sizes and shapes. Time issue: The show was supposed to start at 3pm but it wasn’t until past 4pm that the models took on the runway and thereafter there was a 45mins break before the next show which according to me it was a long break. There wasn’t much space for the photographers as they were crowded in small aisle. Seat issues: They were reserved seats in the front row for bloggers which we were told to sit on them but it wasn’t long before we were relegated to the back as they needed the seats for VIP which to me it was poor sitting arrangement.


The dressing Room collection


Patty Fashion Collection


Melanie Louise (Exclusive children’s designer wear) collection

Overall the show was amazing; do stop by for detailed review of Mark Melia designs, Patty Fashion, The dressing Room and Melanie Louise (Exclusive children’s designer wear) collections.

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