Choosing The Best Summer Outfit

Choosing The Best Summer Outfit 1

Summer clothing is usually light and revealing, so in theory it shouldn’t take up much space in your suitcase.

If you’re struggling to fit your outfits for your next summer trip into the airline’s baggage allowance, you probably need to be more selective. Here are a few ideas for some great fashion staples that will suit any occasion.

Stylish Shorts

Choosing The Best Summer Outfit 2

Shorts don’t have to be sporty or look like those ugly things you wore in P.E. class. Stylish casual Friday shorts are both comfortable and flattering. You can wear theses shorts on the beach, but they wouldn’t look out of place for a day out shopping either.

Cute Tanks

Choosing The Best Summer Outfit 3

The humble tank top is another summer staple that is frequently underestimated. Yes, men’s tank tops are boring, but the equivalent cut-off-shoulder designs for women can be stylish and incredibly versatile. This simple tank looks great with shorts, or can be paired up with some pinstripe trousers and a light jacket to make a smart-casual evening outfit.

The Maxi Dress

Choosing The Best Summer Outfit 4

The maxi dress is still one of the signature summer outfits, and with good reason. They’re comfortable to wear, smart, and not too revealing. If you’re going somewhere that prefers visitors to cover up (many tourist attractions in Rome prefer it if people don’t wear shorts or strapless dresses) then a maxi dress and a silk scarf is a great option. Even better, all you need to do to jazz the dress up for the evening is add a little jewellery.

Summer Dresses

Choosing The Best Summer Outfit 5

A cute silk summer dress should be the signature item in your wardrobe. Summer dresses have a carefree look about them which sets the mood for the day, and will flatter almost all figure types. The best summer dresses are made of 100% cotton or silk so that they’re comfortable, breathable, and won’t leave you feeling sticky at the end of a hard day’s sunbathing. Choose a print that will flatter your size and shape and make you feel confident about yourself. If you’re not sure what kind of print to go for, opt for something simple and use accessories to break up the shape of the dress.

Summer Shoes

Choosing The Best Summer Outfit 6

Ideally, you need three pairs of shoes for the summer. Some inexpensive flip-flops for relaxing beside the pool, a pair of cute Converse for those walks on the beach, and something smarter but still comfortable for the evening. If you’re comfortable in heels then pack a pair, otherwise some smart black flats will go well with any outfit and will get you into those nice places at the resort which have a “no trainers” dress code.


Less is more when it comes to accessories. It’s a good idea to take a watch (or some bracelets), a small tote bag, a necklace, some simple sunglasses and something to put in your hair. There’s no need to take your entire jewellery box with you – all that does is make you feel stressed that something might get stolen from your hotel room. Choose some signature pieces that go with everything, and add just one or two of those to each outfit when you feel like you need to up your style game.

This post was written by Crispin Jones for Patra – online retailers of silk gloves and shirts.

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