Designing Your Home’s Outdoor Area

How to design your home garden/outdoor

If you are the proud owner of a beautiful house, then make sure that you invest in your outdoor area as well as your interior. Odds are good that you’ve spent plenty of time, energy and money creating a unique interior design that fits your style and provides you and your family with all the comfort and convenience that you need. However, if you have space outside, then you should take advantage of that as well. The following are a few different features, from firepits to sheds, that you can incorporate outside of your home so that you can enjoy your outdoor area as much as you enjoy the inside of your house. 

Deck or Patio

Building a deck or patio area is a great way to set up an outdoor living area. Whether you want to creating a social living space made for entertaining by setting up outdoor sofa chairs and couches or you simply want an area that you and your family can privately use to enjoy the weather, a deck or patio is the perfect solution. Be sure to use weatherproof furniture that is both comfortable and stylish for your deck or patio space.


A firepit is a great way to get some enjoyment out of your outdoor space during the colder winter months, or even during the cooler summer evenings. What better way to spend some quality time with friends and family then by hanging out and telling stories around a toasty, inviting fire? 

Outdoor Kitchen

Odds are you’ll want to throw a grill of some sort outside your home so that you can have a few summer barbecues for friends and family. However, why stop there? Build an entire outdoor kitchen complete with a sink, refrigerator, storage area, counter space and stove. This allows you to socialize with everyone outside while you are cooking, instead of being trapped inside your home’s kitchen by yourself. Not to mention that cooking outside during the summer will spare your home from the added heat of using the indoor kitchen. 

Water Feature

A great way to increase the curb appeal of your home is by adding a water feature to your outdoor space, whether it’s a simple bird bath, a pond full of koi or even a small waterfall. Water features not only provide a refreshing and natural look to the area, they also help provide a relaxing atmosphere as well.


If you plan on using your outdoor space on a regular basis, then sheds are always a good idea for storing the things you’ll need regular access to in your backyard. This will allow you to clean up your yard without having to find storage inside of your actual home for all of your tools. Not to mention the fact that you can store some of your outdoor furniture in your shed when you are no longer using it, such as during the winter season. 


Don’t forget about the lighting! Not only does the lighting provide safety and security, it helps set the mood too. Consider pathway lighting for safety, motion detecting light fixtures for security and rope lighting over your deck for ambience.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to set up your home’s outdoor space.

 About the author: Hailey Andersen is an avid blogger who enjoys writing about home improvement and DIY. 

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