Different ways of styling women’s blue blazer

8 ways of wearing a blue blazer

Blue blazers

Blue blazers are not only stylish but will get you noticed from the crowd for all the right reasons. Blue blazers are versatile and can be worn in numerous stylish ways. They come in different shades of blue from sky blue to navy blue, cobalt blue to normal blue.

Blue blazers can be dressed up by throwing a pair of heels or dressed down by pairing them with flat shoes. 

Below is how you could stylishly style your blue blazer

Long blue blazer with yellow accordion skirt: Pair a blue blazer with a yellow midi length accordion pleat skirt, a white top, necklace & a pair of ankle boots to complement your look.

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Monochrome blue: For an office look pair a cobalt blue trousers/pants with a loose blue blazer, sleeveless leopard print top, long chain & cream heeled sandals.

Different ways of styling women's blue blazer 1

Cobalt blue blazer with a pencil skirt: Style a cobalt blue blazer with a black top underneath it, a pencil skirt & a pair of black ankle strap wedges for an on point look  that can be worn both to the office and a night out with the girls.

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Navy blue shoulder stud blazer with leggings: For a chic shopping look that won’t compromise your style and comfort why not pair a navy blue blazer with a cami top underneath it, black leggings, cat eye shades, metallic cap toe flats & a blue tote bag.

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Cobalt blue blazer with a chiffon maxi skirt: For a casual look team up your cobalt blue blazer with a black top, black chiffon maxi dress, green large envelop clutch bag and a pair of cobalt blue heels for a polished look.

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Navy blue blazer with a blue shift dress: For a casual look pair a navy blue long blazer with a sleeveless shift dress, silver cuff, long chain, stockings & black heels to finish off your look

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Navy blue structured blazer with an African print dress: This look is perfect for a wedding, wear a small structured navy blue blazer with a yellow & red Peter Pan collar African print dress with stocking & black pumps.

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Long blue blazer with white jeans: For a white-out look with a pop of colour pair a long blue blazer with a white blouse, white pair of denim jeans, red stiletto heels & a matching shoulder bag.

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Share your thoughts with us on how you would style a blue blazer

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