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Bohemian: How To Achieve Boho Chic fashion Style

Boho chic trend

Boho chic trend has been around for edges, it’s a mixture of bohemian and hippie influence. This trend is all about looking effortlessly cool. Vanessa Hudgen, Mary Kate, Nicole Ritchie and Sienna Miller are known for wearing the Boho trend.

Boho chic is not all about floating skirts, cross bags and flip flops but it’s all about embracing your personality and inspirations. Bohemian fashion style is all about mix and matching to obtain a balance and you can also combine your own signature style to it.

Tips on how to wear bohemian chic trend

For bohemian chic go for vintage, laces, floral and distressed accessories such as a leather messenger bag. Layering is the key when it comes to bohemian chic, try and keep the layering simple, neat and clean. Layer different fits, lengths and textures and add the right amount of volume to give your look an edgy look. 

 This trend can be a little bit tricky to pull off, but here are a few tips on how to wear it without looking like a beggar. To achieve a perfect combination of Boho chic wear oversized and fitted clothes together. For a chic boho look, pair an oversize jumper/blouse with fitted pants/flared jeans/maxi skirt with sandals and a messenger bag.

Get the Bohemian Chic Look 1

You can also wear a maxi lace dress with a cardigan and a belt wrapped around your waist for a relaxing summer look. You can also pair a maxi prairie skirts with a tank or cropped top and a cardigan with flat shoes/wedges/boots/sandals and along necklace and a bucket shape bag.

Another way to wear this trend is by wearing a pair of shorts with a white/black top and a floral waistcoat, a tassel bag and pumps or boots. You can also pair a waist coat with a short dress and boots.

Bohemian trend is also about the accessories you wear, the bigger and chunky the better. Wear long necklaces, headpieces, scarves, belts, berets, hats, boots, cowboy boots, sandals, moccasins, wedges and pumps. Wear an embroidered top or float tunics with a skirt/shorts and boots

Good news is that you can also incorporate the Boho trend in your wedding dress, by wearing a lace wedding dress with floral headpiece and kitten heel or flat sandal for a chic boho wedding outfit. 

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