Going to a Game night, how should I look?

Going to a Game night, how should I look? 1

There is a lot of curiosity bottled up in that question. The regular perception of game night is mostly what we see on television and multi-million dollars Hollywood movies as these shows portray game night as a glamorous and sophisticated place to dress smart. However, there are a lot of things to consider, because game night in United Kingdom, United States of America and the rest of the world have different dress code rules. Another fact to consider is the climate, as you won’t be expected to put on your best tuxedo when playing in one of the game nights in Las Vegas. Although knowing the dress codes is very important, at least when going to a game night for the first time, and it’s worth noting that most of the around the world have some form of dress code for you to adhere to. 

Vegas in some cases is a more relax place in terms of dress code as long as you look reasonably clean, you should be fine. They might even allow you play in shorts, which, when you consider the temperatures in the summer can really come in handy. Although, if you intend to eat some of the nicer restaurants in these game night places, or go for a show or two, you would be expected to dress a lot more smarter than the short and t-shirt you wear when you were at the crap table

In other places in North America, it’s about the same. Most of the game night prohibit gang colors and beachwear, but apart from that, you can wear whatever you like. Being comfortable with what you’re wearing is the most important thing. Why a lot of people like the casinos in North America is because of the liberal dress-codes attitude they have adopted, compared to other countries.

In Britain it’s a different ball game altogether. Some game nights might allow you to walk in, in a tracksuit and nobody would blink an eyelid, while some other places will not allow you to enter. Majority of the game nights say they have a smart/casual dress code, meaning for a guy your legs must be covered and you’ve got a decent t-shirt on, then you should be fine.

Another pointer of things you shouldn’t wear is a football colors, or long jacket, or hooded up. A lot of game nights places are now adopting a smart dress code in the evenings, especially.  This implies you will need a jacket. As this is becoming the defect-to standard throughout the country, it is highly advised that you check individual place rules before you head out.

 With all being said, if you can’t be bordered with all the dress code rules and want do dress the way you like, game nights should make you feel right within your zone.

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