How to Declutter your Kitchen

How to Declutter your Kitchen

A kitchen should be functional but also friendly and welcoming too as we spend far more time in it than the dining room, that way it tends to be cluttered. Below are a few tips on how to declutter your kitchen.

When deluttering the kitchen it’s best to work in a systematic pattern such as in one direction or top to bottom, this way it will be easier to stop when you’re tired and carry on another day.

Clear the counter tops and remove things that don’t belong there. If possible move things that are not used daily off the counter tops and into the cabinets.

What’s on the inside of the kitchen is what matters the most. If you don’t have enough space in your kitchen you can create diy shelves or hang more cabinets. Make use of wall space by putting pots, pans and serving spoons on display for a cheeky farmhouse kitchen look. If your kitchen is spacious you could build a kitchen island in the middle to give you extra storage space. Store heavy items at the bottom of shelves to avoid things from breaking if placed in a high shelf.

Pantry: According to a survey, the average kitchen food cupboard contains 57 items, 13 of which are likely to be out of date. Remove all foods from your cupboard and get rid of everything that’s out of date. If there’s anything you don’t want and is in date, you can donate to food banks or collection points in most supermarkets. For grains and legumes we suggest storing them in labelled food storage containers. When you lack cupboard space in your kitchen we suggest using square jars or storage containers as they are more efficient use of space compared to round ones. Put the things that need to be used up first at the front of your cupboards. Another options is to keep your items in their original packaging and invest in baskets to group items together.

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Under the sink: Probably your under the sink has more products than the supermarket cleaning aisle. Sort through your cleaning products and only keep what you use most and consider using natural products such as vinegar, lemon and baking soda for cleaning. You can use baskets to keep your cleaning products especially the ones one you use on daily basis, this way you don’t have to rampage through your cleaning cupboard.

Crockery & cutlery: Keep extra cutlery and crockery for special occasion such as dinner party should be kept in labelled boxes and stored in cupboards, ready to be used when needed unless you have lots of storage in your kitchen then they can be left in the cupboard.

Kitchen gadgets: Kitchen gadgets tend to take up a lot of space and if you have a kitchen gadget that you haven’t used for a year, give it to your friends, neighbour of donate to a charity.

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